Rudolf Henninger

is a German born Visual Artist, who also resides in Nova Scotia, Canada. His professional career has included many large scale, metal, 3 dimensional public sculptures and installations. He showed his work at various indoor and outdoor solo exhibitions in Canada and Europe. Central theme of his work is the contemplative human being, as an abstract figure, reflecting on the longing for harmony and communication in the modern world.
He received his degree in architecture in Germany, where he earned his living as an architect for twentyfive years. In 1992 Henninger decided to move on to Canada and fullfill his life-long vision to become a sculptor. Since structuring and segmenting had always been a collaborating force in his creative development, he intensified his artistic studies by learning stone carving and steel forming techniques in special workshops with master sculptors in Germany. In the year 2000 Rudolf Henninger decided that his main profession would be that of an artist. Since then Henninger has divided his time in both countries and his sculptures have been shown in USA, Canada and Germany. He has received substantial print media and TV coverage in both countries. The context of his art in the past years stood in connection with present world conflicts and warfare, provoking conceptional irritation. Central theme of his series "DIALOG", with metal and stone sculptures, is the contemplative human being as abstract figure, and reflects on the longing for harmony and communication.